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Garbage People

P+P practical set
3D model

We don't call it Garbage People with a capital "G+P" just for kicks.  This old recipe for success is one that's been passed down from our great grandmothers and great grandfathers of Trash.  To us, Garbage People is a whole lot more than a buzzwordy term — it's about all the things big and small that we consider garbage brought to life in a way that's dare we say... digestible.  Delicious.  Garbage People is the perfect accompaniment to any gathering:  a cheeky teen's sleepover, funeral, or zoom party (are people still doing those?).  We're proud to say that Garbage People not only brings people together, but also tears the delicate thread of the family patchwork apart.  Everyone wants a savory slice of extreme content these days, and we encourage that you explore it in the safe and chaotic place that is our dumpster. 

Does anything make sense anymore?  You'll be delighted to know that the scientists at Black Market Media have discovered that the answer is a resounding: YES!  Things DO make sense (sometimes).  And it all starts with Garbage People.  Garbage People is everywhere, Garbage People is everyone.  Name your noun, we've got it down.  It’s deeply moist and filled with toasted pecans.  Whoops.  Apologies.  Forgot to delete that bit from the carrot cake recipe.  Unlike carrot cake, Garbage People's flavor is derived from some of the darkest corners of our world and internet, and in equal parts, some of the most weird and whimsical.  Metamodern?  You betcha.  Each episode starts with the absurd, and is hand-crafted into timeless scenarios with a decadently surreal 2020s twist, sprinkled with irony, a splash of shadenfraude, and baked.  Hungry yet?  That's right, baked.  That's where you come in. This timeless work of garbage is best served hot and timely, but will last... well, forever.  Because trash is forever.

So if you’re looking for an escape while folding the laundry or jacking off solo (we won't judge either way) you can rest assured that quality absolutely can not and will not ever be compromised.  There's a little something for everyone, even the most sophisticated of Trash.  We are trash united.

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