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episode synopses

The Gingerbread Traphouse 


On Christmas Eve, Patches and Peel visit Trash Town Square for the annual "Jingle all the Neigh" storytime hour where they share the classic tale of The Gingerbread Traphouse.


Patches and Peel enter a stunt contest for the reality comedy TV series "JerkFucks" with aspirations of winning a cameo and $1000.

Death's Wish

When Death wants to end it all, Patches and Peel attempt to fulfill his suicidal wish while still having some fun of their own at World-O-Waste theme park.


Bad Ham

While Patches and Peel make some much needed upgrades to their home, the town nuisance known as Bad Ham decides to "drop by".

The Grimsian

Patches and Peel head to the foothills to set a trap for a mysterious creature known as "The Grimsian" to discover they are the ones who've been trapped.


 Snow Games

Upon returning home from an underwhelming day at World-O-Waste theme park, Patches and Peel are inspired by 'magic snow' to create a winter wonderland of their own.

The Trash Pits

When Patches and Peel visit the Historic Trash Pits, a massive sinkhole opens up sending Patches and Graffiti Steed on an unforgettable journey to the early aughts.

The Lost Tapes: Trash Conspiracies

Ever wonder what Garbage People eat? Or where the dead Trash go when they die? Patches and Peel know... but maybe it's just a Trash CoNsPiRaCy.

Peel presents: The Art of Stabbing

Not your grandmother's afternoon painting program. Presented by Peel.

Welcome to Trash

In this choose your own ending adventure, Patches and Peel meet "Lucky" — a famous crackpipe — and give him the grand tour of Trash.


With $3 Trash Cash to their names, Patches and Peel maneuver their way into the acclaimed cage match fight of the century: Azul Caliente vs. The Hobo. Peel tries his vigilante alter-ego, Freckled Fury, on for size.


Trash Carnival

Patches and Peel experience a day of fun and follies at the annual Trash Carnival, that is, until they take a ride on 'Epidemic Alley'.

Go To Hell

Patches and Peel meet Death and are sent to "hell" for their misdeeds, which turns out to be a lesson in feng shui. Patches quits his job as a stripper at the Bruised Banana and Peel throws in the towel on his pimping hustle.


P+P Mart

When their fun day plans are foiled by the neighborhood shop owner

Bodega Steve, Patches and Peel decide to open up their own store for customers who want to have ALL the fun.

Jesus Chris

When Patches and Peel need a new team to root for, they're graced by the divine presence of Chris... Jesus, Chris... on social media.


Patches and Peel take Patches' illegitimate offspring 'Tim' to the amusement park.


Tis the Season for a Clipshow

Patches and Peel revisit the 2020 holiday season in clipshow format.

Happy Christma-ween-giving!


Patches and Peel sign up to chaperone a trick-or-treater at the Trash police station to find out they're not just any children, but reanimated garbage (zombies). Mayor Douche and John Jingle Graffiti Steed go head-to-head in the Trash 2020 Mayoral Debates.​


Patches and Peel celebrate a traditional Trashgiving with beer and snacks from the local mini mart, Steve's Bodega + More. Hoping to enlighten Steve, they tell him the story of the First Trashgiving... and More™.


A Very Garbage Xmas

On December 26, Trash townsfolk celebrate Christmas. Peel summons a pile of miscellaneous holiday garbage named Carin' and despite Patches efforts to stop him, the monster wreaks havoc on the otherwise good time... that is, until they're showered with hydroxychloroquine. Graffiti Steed runs for mayor.

A Nightmare After the Holiday Season (BONUS)
In this interactive season one bonus episode, Patches and Peel go geocaching and discover more than they bargained for. Play along and follow the QR codes in Recycle Forest!

Garbage People Theme song
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