Instruction Manual

Age: 14+

2-4 Players


CONTENTS: 1 gameboard, 4 silver pawns, 1 toxic waste bin, 1 dumpster card caddy, 1 P+P Mart cup card caddy, instruction sheet, deck of TRADE cards, deck of TURN cards, radioactive goo, live bugs

OBJECT: Be the first player to move their character around the board while collecting the most Trash, and shamelessly Trashing Your Neighbors along the way



  • Each player chooses a pawn (Patches, Peel, Bob, Steed, or Death) and place the pawn in the START “✭” space

  • Players move their pawns clockwise around the board, never counter clockwise

  • Assemble dumpster (TURN) and cup (TRADE) for card distribution

  • Board areas of interest
    Banc of Trash – place Trash Cash here
    P+P Mart – trade/buy/sell with P+P mart when you land on a RED dot or any “✭”
    Toxic waste – get stuck and lose a turn when you draw a toxic waste card

    Yellow = $1, Pink = $5, Blue = $10, Green = $20

  • TRADE cards will help you get ahead (usually). Keep them, trade them, or use them for cash or property; trade with other players at the top of your turn. Trade cards with a red '♥' are worth $10-20, dealer's choice.

  • Consider why you want to Trash Your Neighbor, is it just for fun or is it something deeper? Do they owe you money? Be honest.

LET'S PLAY: Each player rolls the dice. The lowest roller goes first, as they are deemed trashiest. Play continues to left.

  1. Begin the game with $10 Trash Cash and an item from P+P Mart (draw 1)

  2. If you land on a space occupied by another player's pawn you can 'Trash Your Neighbor' by moving them back to START “✭”

  3. As your pawn is moved around the board, you must completely pass through the “Finish Line” to the center of the board
    - You can ONLY move your pawn into the “Finish” space by rolling the exact number on the die OR forfeiting a special “keep for play” TRADE card

  4. Once the pawn is placed in a “Finish Line” space, it is safe from opponents

  5. For each turn, draw one TURN card

  6. At the beginning of your turn, you may offer a TRADE deal with another player

  7. If you draw the TOXIC WASTE card, move your pawn to the Toxic Waste bin and lose a turn UNLESS you have the toxic waste remover card, if so, turn in the card and resume playing

  8. At P+P Mart (red dot spaces) you may offer a bid on one of your cards to other players, keep your trade cards, collect 1 new trade card per red dot, or swap with another player

  9. You must roll an exact number to reach final destination on board and win

TO WIN: First player to move their character around the board to the space assigned to your character, with the most allocated TRASH assets (trash cash and/or trade) wins!


We're all winners when we're losers

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