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Trash Your Neighbor game
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Instruction Manual

The TYN game

Age: 14+
2-4 Players


CONTENTS: 1 gameboard, 6 silver pawns, 1 toxic waste drum, 3 trash trophies (bronze, silver and gold), 1 dumpster card caddy, 1 P+P Mart cup card caddy, property boxes, instruction sheet, deck of TRADE cards, deck of TURN cards, radioactive goo, live bug(s)

OBJECT: Be the first player to move their character around the board while collecting the most Trash and shamelessly Trashing Your Neighbors along the way



  • Each player chooses a pawn (Patches, Peel, Bob, Steed, Mrs. Pit or Death) and place the pawn in the START “✭” space

  • Players move their pawns clockwise around the board, never counter clockwise

  • Assemble dumpster (TURN) and cup (TRADE) for card distribution

    Banc of Trash – place Trash Cash here
    P+P Mart – trade/buy/sell with P+P mart when you land on a RED dot or any ‘✭’
    Toxic Waste – get stuck and lose a turn when you draw a toxic waste card

    Yellow = $1, Pink = $5, Blue = $10, Green = $20

  • TRADE cards will help you get ahead (usually). Keep them, trade them, or use them for cash or property. Trade with other players at the top of your turn.
    - Trade cards with a red '♥' (keep for play) are worth $10-20, dealer's choice
    - Trade cards with a blue '♥' (immunity) are worth $1-5, dealer's choice
    - Immunity cards temporarily keep you safe from other players’ antics (can only be used as defense once, then return to pile)

  • PROPERTY BOXES are $20 Trash Cash and are valid exchange in trade offers

  • Consider why you want to Trash Your Neighbor, is it just for fun or is it something deeper? Do they owe you money? Be honest.

LET'S PLAY: Each player rolls the dice. The lowest roller goes first, as they are deemed trashiest. Play continues clockwise.

  1. Begin the game with $10 Trash Cash and an item from P+P Mart (draw 1), do not play it until it is your turn

  2. If you land on a space occupied by another player's pawn you can 'Trash Your Neighbor' by moving them back to START ‘✭’ or skip to the space ahead of them

  3. As your pawn is moved around the board, you must completely pass through the “Finish Line” to the center of the board
    Note:  You can ONLY move your pawn into the FINISH space by rolling the exact number on the die OR forfeiting a special “keep for play” TRADE card (RED '♥')

  4. Once the pawn is placed in a ‘Finish Line’ space, it is safe from opponents

  5. For each turn, draw one TURN card
    - At the beginning of your turn, you may offer a TRADE deal with another player (property box, trade cards, a bug you found in the box during setup)

  6. If you draw the TOXIC WASTE card, move your pawn to the Toxic Waste drum and lose a turn. If you have the toxic waste remover card, turn in the card and resume playing

  7. At P+P Mart red dots you may offer a table bid or one-on-one trade offers (1 trade/bid per turn) of your cards to other players OR keep your trade cards and collect 1 new card as you land on subsequent red dots

  8. You must roll an exact number to reach final center space on board and win

TO WIN: First player to move their character around the board to the center space with the most allocated TRASH assets (trash cash and/or trade) wins!  Winner with the most assets/cash wins the GOLDEN trashcan, followed by SILVER and BRONZE.

"We're all winners when we're losers!"
- Graffiti Steed

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