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SYNOPSIS: Local Trash celebrities and Garbage People TV stars Patches and Peel revel in their newfound fame, but their world quickly begins to crumble when they discover they have been replaced by soulless Ai replicas and their beloved town has become overrun by artificial imposters —even Bodega Steve's loyal genie (Gene) has been swapped for a sterile Ai machine. Patches and Peel realize the only way to destroy Ai is to become Ai and beat it at its own game. Armed with raw determination and pure vibes, they embark on an epic journey to find Gene and harness his mystical abilities. Their mission: to obliterate the Ai mainframe and liberate Trash from the clutches of digital tyranny. With danger lurking at every turn, will Patches and Peel save Trash and restore their creative integrity before it's too late? Prepare for an epic, sci-fi, action-adventure that blends treacherous twists with the power of song in a battle of Trash versus machine!

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