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About us

Underground is the new normal.

Black Market Media is a female-owned film and animation studio based in Los Angeles.


Grown-up content inspired by nostalgia and fueled on 2020s internet culture with an irreverent vibe and transgressive approach.

Black Market Media is home to original content such as the award-winning adult animation series Garbage People.

BLKMRKTMedia is a non-affiliated entity founded in 2020.

Meet Brit Tobin

At Black Market Media, we strive to empower voices from all corners of the world while making a lasting impact through thought-provoking storytelling. Learn about our team's commitment to providing eco-friendly production solutions while fostering original concepts and enabling fair practices for talent and partners alike.







• BLKMRKTMedia (f.k.a. BLKMKTMEDIA) founded

• Pre-production for Garbage People begins

• BLKMRKTMedia Diversifies Production Services with Talent Development and Commercial Offerings

• BLKMRKTMedia Goes Global: Expands Talent Pool Internationally for Creative Ventures

• Production of Garbage People (season one) wraps

• BLKMRKTMedia Announces Garbage People Film Festival World Tour

• BLKMRKTMedia Forges Creative Partnership with Appian Way Talent and Development

• BLKMRKTMedia Receives International Acclaim: Top Filmmaker Awards from Prestigious Film Festivals in 100+ Cities Worldwide

• Brit Tobin signed to Activist Artists Management

• Garbage People acquired by Amazon Prime, Tubi (a division of FOX Entertainment), Cineverse, UDU, and Roku

• Garbage People: The Movie (completed, post-production)

• Garbage People expands acquisitions internationally in the U.K.

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